How The Mighty Have Fallen: Rodgers Happy With Seventh Place For Liverpool

As the Chelsea fans were letting everyone know on Sunday that they were European Champions, the Liverpool fans responded by singing ” We’ve Won It  Five Times”.

So what do those Liverpool fans think when they hear that their manager say after the Chelsea match that finishing higher than eighth in the Premier League this season would be “fantastic”.

“The reality is we’re a long way off in the league,” said Rodgers. “We finished eighth last year. If we can improve on that, it’ll be fantastic for us.”

When did Liverpool settle for mediocrity? Since finishing second in 2009, Liverpool have been on a steady decline and last season’s eighth place finish equalled their lowest top-flight finish since they were relegated in 1954.

After eleven games, Liverpool are currently thirteenth in the table with just two wins from those eleven games and 12 points. Even Roy Hodgson had more points at this point in the season in 2010 (15 points) on the way to getting fired.

The Kop has been incredible patient with Rodegrs, but make no mistake the upcoming run of games are crucial to him and the club.

These are Liverpool’s next ten games, which takes them to January 1 and the opening of the winter transfer window:

  • Wigan (H)
  • Swansea (A)
  • Tottenham (A)
  • Southampton (H)
  • West Ham (A)
  • Aston Villa (H)
  • Fulham (H)
  • Stoke (A)
  • QPR (A)
  • Sunderland (H)

Except for the trip to White Hart Lane, and maybe Swansea away, Liverpool should be favoured in the rest of these games. Ten games and 30 points at stake. If Liverpool can get 24-25 points out of 30, the storm clouds over Anfield will disappear and Rodgers can get on with the job of rebuilding one of British footballers biggest clubs.

But if Liverpool pick up 15 points or less, will the knives start to come out for Rodgers as they did with Hodgson?

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  • david

    Reality check – 7th would be an improvement on last year and rodgers has not had the money Dalglish had so it would be a good effort.

  • kay

    We can talk tactics,money,players,formation,JW Hendry,but, ultimately if we don’t bring Rafa back or another coach of his calibre,we will just remain a mid-table club. Since 2000 it has been realised in football that you can no longer keep a manager for future success,cos what happens after 5yrs if it doesnt work out? Do we start another 5yr project. Rafa won the CL in the first season,Pep won the double,Jose,Klopp,Wenger,Ancelotti to name a few. Guys like Fergie(going 5yrs without silverware,yet having the best budget) would never make the grade in the current game,he still be working somewhere in his hometown… So why as LFC are we trying to be a grooming arena for an unexperienced guy like Rogers? He should do his time like Pep did at Barca and understand the game more thoroughly,no disrespct to Rogers,but, WE ARE LIVERPOOL!!!!BESIDES ANY COACH THAT IS FERGIE-FRIENDLY IS JUST NOT LIVERPOOL… IF FERGIE DOESNT MIND YOU, YOU NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!

  • Leron

    8th is just an excuse, at least top 6 or bring back rafa. I will support him till the end of the season, but if his sights are mediocre as stated, then he needs go be replaced.

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