Liverpool Simply Not Good Enough


Another Liverpool home match and two more points dropped to a team struggling to fight off relegation. Liverpool is a team devoid of confidence, full of players who are simply not good enough to be playing for the club. Not exactly what you want heading into a merseyside FA Cup semi-final against Everton, a game where Liverpool are probably underdogs. And when was the last time that happened?

Heading into the Villa game on Saturday Liverpool had lost six of their last seven matches, their worst sequence for almost 60 years, and the side played like a team without any confidence.

That anxiety and uncertainty that could be felt on and off the pitch was not helped when Villa went one up. Doni flapped at a cross in the 18th minute allowing Barry Bannan to cut the ball back for the unmarked Herd to bend in a shot from the edge of the box. Lots of fingers are being pointed at Domi for the goal, but why was Herd allowed to run unchallenged into the box to score from Bannan’s cross? Where was a midfield player chasing back to cover his run?

Once again Dalglish went with Suarez and Kuyt up-front and once again Kuyt missed a sitter. Yes I know he scored the winner at Wembley, but since then Kuyt has missed at least three or four sitters like the one today. Steven Gerrard’s cross-shot found Kuyt wide open five yards from goal, but somehow he managed to ballon the ball over the bar, when it looked easier to score.

If Dalglish and Damien Comolli do one thing this summer, it has to be to find a goalscorer. Someone who can take these chances that are getting created inside the six yard box and putting them away.

In the second half Dalglish switched to 4-4-2 formation with Gerrard playing wide right and Liverpool finally started to put the Villa defence under some sustained pressure.

And it was from a Gerrard cross that Liverpool finally scored. His cross saw substitute Daniel Agger, on for Jose Enrique, hit the underside of the bar but when the ball bounced down Suarez was on hand to nod in from close range.

Liverpool went close a couple more times, and had two good shouts for a penalty turned down, but the bottom line is that the players they have are not good enough.

When you start with a midfield of Henderson, Gerrard, Shelvey and Downing you have to expect to struggle That foursome is simply not good enough to win games in the Premier League and that is another area that needs to be addressed in the summer.

What did you think of Liverpool’s performance today?


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  • Andy

    You are right. Liverpool is not good enough. The other a few reasons-1. No defensive midfielder to cover Lucas 2. No prolific goal scorer. 3.players been brought does not show natural right winger.5.always depend on Gerald. 6.the squad and formation is always changing.

  • Gerry

    I have been watching Kuyt for a long time now and it’s extraordinary the number of times he goes to ground when tackling, shooting or even passing. What’s significant about this? It’s a sign of a player who lacks confidence and is trying to give the impression that he is ‘giving it all for the team’.

    If he stayed on his feet yesterday he would have scored a simple tap-in. He is surely past it for Liverpool. As for Henderson – he’s just not up to it at this level – a player lacking confidence who seems to be a passenger in most games.

    I would love to see Sterling, Morgan and Cody given a chance for the remaining league games – if you can’t blood them now, when can you? At the start of next season when we want to hit the ground running in the league?

    • David

      Funny you mention that about Kuyt as I was thinking the same thing on Saturday. He never takes a shot when he is balanced. He is always falling which makes it even harder to hit the target

  • Akash

    It’s sad to see liverpool go down like this.
    We need somebody else like Bennitez too by
    Quality player’s. Player’s that he had brought too liverpool
    Were a big success not what we seeing now. Likes’s off Henderson, Downing, Carrol,
    Adam should all be sold, need to revamp the whole midfield.
    Kenny for me you not doing the better decide were you want the team to be.
    With 100 million you should have bought star’s not flop’s.
    You sold the quality player’s, and brought in your flops.
    We didn’t even make 4th position…

    A very unhappy supporter…

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