LIverpool’s Performance Against Newcastle Beyond Belief


A simply awful performance by Liverpool today saw the lose 2-0 to Newcastle. While Liverpool have been bad recently, this was a pathetic display.

How bad was it? Andy Carroll was booked in the first half for diving after he took the ball around Krul after nine minutes. Why didn’t he stay on his feet and score? It’s not as if the ball was running away from him.

Then with less than 10 minutes to go Pepe Reina reacted to a kick by James Perch and headbutted him. Yes there was minimal contact, but it is a red card offense, a sending off that I believe means that Reina will now miss the FA Cup semi-final against Everton. What was he thinking?

How bad is Liverpool playing at the moment? Well according to OptaLiverpool since Suarez returned Liverpool have picked up 8 points from their last 12 games: 2-2-8. 8 points out of 36 possible. The last time Liverpool picked up fewer points in a 12-match period was in 1954.

The pressure will now increase on Kenny Dalglish and whether Liverpool will replace him this summer. Its a valid question considering how poor Liverpool how been since the beginning of the year, but Dalglish is not the only one who should feel threatened  for his job. How about Liverpool’s director of football Damien Comolli who is tasked with identifying and signing talent for Dalglish to use? Comolli has spent a lot of money in the last 15 months and what have Liverpool got to show for it? Other than Suarez, what other world class player he has brought into the club?

And it is the lack of talent that is causing Liverpool’s season to collapse. Consider that two years ago (May 2009) Liverpool played Newcastle in the league at Anfield, winning 2-1. Liverpool’s central midfield pairing that day was Mascherano and Alonso. Today it was Shelvey and Spearing.

Take Liverpool’s starting midfield today of Shelvey, Gerrard, Spearing; Bellamy and look at the top six teams in the Premier League. Other than Gerrard, nobody else gets a game for Utd, City, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea or Newcastle.

That just about sums up where Liverpool are today, and how far they need to go to be title contenders again.

What did you think of Liverpool’s performance today?


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  • Chan

    KD as his usual consistent self was crap. The team performance can only mirrors that of the manager, utterly clueless. Reina had been at LFC for what 5 – 6 seasons, this is the first time i see him do this and frankly not his usual self. Mind you he is one of our most reliable and loyal players.

    KD and DC must go NOW! Period. After 113 mill spent and this is what they got to show? Everton who is above us now spent about 5.5 mill during the same period and look at them. They still have a chance to win the FA cup you know.

    Newcastle who sold half their first team in the summer are now 11 points ahead and the core of their team is bankrolled by one player sale to us, Andy Carroll.

    KD and DC must be sack now, as the new manager must be given time to bed in and identify transfer targets. It would be too late in July or August. It does not matter if we win the FA Cup or not, even if we does this season had been a complete write off, LFC were great b’cos we won the most league title and European Cups, not some 2nd or 3rd rate cups.

  • john

    Fingers crossed that Kenny can turn it around.

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